parkour technique  
  Parkour technology and materials  
hot dip gavanised steel construction parkour park obstacles manufacturer modular high-quality youth technology fibreglass reinforced concrete surface computer drawing 3D design high grade steel production ingeneering assambling parkourpark plaza obstacles street urban city motion fun action sport traceur freeflow trend move fun easy on city motion park custom freerunning free run
  hightech materials and safety technology for free running parks and equipments.    
    skate park fun-box  
Only high-quality and highly resistant materials are used in the production of our skate park equipment. We offer different types of surfaces depending on the needs of our customers. All of our surfaces have been proven and tested to withstand any weather conditions from the hot summers of Portugal to the freezing winters of Russia. Hot-dip galvanized steel tube construction. The equipment is designed and manufactured in a modular system allowing for easy modification and expansion..



    parcour concrete reinforced fibreglass surface        
    skate park gavanised steel  
steel reinforced pre manufactured concrete elements with 360° rounded and hand finished edges. We manufacture custom build concrete parkour parks and elements. Free 3D project drawings and calculation.



    pre manufactured concrete walls with 360° edge finishing.        
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